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Name:CPT Atomic Clock
Output Level:HCMOS
Output Frequency:10MHz
Accuracy at Shipment:±5E-11 @25℃
Short Term Stability:2E-10/1s, 7E-11/10s, 2E-11/100s
Phase to Noise (SSB):-90dBc /Hz@10Hz,-120dBc /Hz@100Hz -140dBc /Hz@1kHz,-145dBc /Hz@10kHz
Steady-State Power Dissipation (Ambient):≤1.6W@3.3V, Max 1.8A
Power Supply:+3.2~+3.4Vdc
Ext. 1pps Synchronization:1pps Syn. Output Set ±50ns
Operating Temperature:-45℃~+70℃
Temperature Coefficient:5E-10

Product Description


The XHTF1040 is designed with a novel configuration which is called coherent population trap (CPT). In comparison with traditional atomic clock, there is no cavity and a Laser substituted spectrum lamp, and the destination of the low power consumption and miniaturization has been realized in the CPT atomic clock with the procession of MEMS.

XHTH1040 CPT atomic clock can be supplied by +3.3V low voltage and the power is below 1.5Watts. This clock is very convenient to communicate with computer by RS-232, and the synchronization function can be available from In-1pps to Output-1pps by customer. The XHTH1040 has same pin definitions and similar frequency stability performance, and compatible with SA.45s in applications of UMTS and LTE, CDMA and WiMAX and so on.




+3.3V Low Voltage Supply, Low Power Consumption

RS-232C for Communication

Compatible with SA.45s

Ext. 1pps synchronization and 1pps output



It can be used as a portable frequency source(for UMTS and LTE)

Extended holdover for CDMA and WiMAX base station.

Stability for various communication and transmission applications.

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