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Name:XHTF1031 Miniature Rubidium Clock
Output:10MHz Sine
Accuracy:±5E-11 at shipment @25℃
Phase to Noise(SSB ):-95dBc/Hz@10Hz–125dB/Hz@100Hz -135 dBc /Hz@1kHz
Input Power:6W at 12V@25℃, Max 1.5A
Short Term Stability:≤5E-11/1s, ≤2.8E-11/10s ≤8E-12/100s
Rate of Frequency Drift:5E-12/day, 5E-11/month
Operating Temp. Range:-30℃~+65℃
Temperature Coefficient (ambient):2E-10(-30℃~65℃)
Size:50.8×50.8×25 (mm3)

Product Description


The XHTF1031 is the lowest one of the traditional microwave clocks. A patent 201220714078.6 is the core element in the clock where a miniature waveguide cavity is configured, and the XHTF1031 clock has achieved in a new level in reduction of power dissipation and dimension in Rb clocks.

The XHTF1031 can work normally in robust conditions, and its power consumption is 5 Watts with 12 voltage supply. This clock has successfully reduced the costs and can used as a substitution to OCXO in applications of UMTS, TE CDMA and WiMAX Networks, and all the other fields.




 High precision Rubiduium Oscillator

 Miniature and low power dissipation

 Compatible with OCXO in dimension



 Stand-alone stable frequency source(for UMTS and LTE).

 It can be used for CDMA and WiMAX base station.

 Signal standard for communication and transmission applications

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