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Optically-pumped Cesium atomic clock TA1000 is formally selected as a clock for TAI in BIPM

TAI (International Atomic Time) is the highest time and frequency standard in world and is generated by series of Atomic Clocks verified by BIPM (the International Bureau of Weights and Measures). TA1000 is the first Optically-pumped Cesium atomic clock selected by BIPM in the world, especially in China. 


TA1000 Selected list (details:

TA1000 is the first commercial Cesium atomic clock in China, because Dr. CAO Yuanhong's team has spent ten years in studying and designing the clock, finally manufactured TA1000 in batches in Chengdu Spaceon Electronics. Last year, TA1000 has be awarded with Gold Award for Innovation in CIIF 2018 (details:


Optically-pumped Cesium atomic clock TA1000 has being popularly employed in time Laboratories, navigation system, digital telecom network, power grid etc.   This selection in BIPM shows TA1000 position in different atomic clocks in one side and will help users in the world to select TA1000 as primary frequency standard in their electronic system. 

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